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Innovative Healthcare Solutions

West-Com offers healthcare organizations powerful tools designed to improve patient safety, healthcare communications, and clinical workflow across the care continuum. Our innovative, sustainable solutions augment patient care and help improve patient outcomes and the healthcare environment for every patient population you serve.

West-Com Novus Connect Nurse Call

Novus Connect is a VoIP, POE Nurse Call system designed especially for Acute Care facilities. It offers healthcare organizations powerful tools to improve and facilitate communication, collaboration, workflow, and patient safety. Facilities with our West-Call® and Novus® systems can upgrade to Connect without replacing patient room devices. Call us today to find out more.

Enhanced Workflow Applications

West-Com’s nurse call applications dynamically interact together to provide staff members with actionable and timely information that supports healthcare organizations’ patient-care initiatives, such as reducing preventable medical errors, preventing patient falls, patient rounding, engaging patients and family members, involving patients with their care plan, identifying potential dissatisfied patients or staffing concerns, and many others. Workflow stations improve interdepartmental communications, remind care providers of critical tasks and provide digital signage for patients’ precautions, allergies and status.


Sophisticated Integrations

West-Com’s bidirectional interfaces provide caregivers with a complete, unified view of meaningful information needed to make data-driven decisions. Novus’ platform connects patient-care information by unifying previously isolated patient-care data sources into one patient-care record. West-Com applications can then request and selectively extract relevant information from a patient-care record and use the information to improve patient safety, communications, and workflow. West-Com interfaces with most healthcare information systems and devices, including EMRs, ADT, hospital beds, staff directories, RTLS, staff scheduling, patient engagement systems, third party Middleware and wireless devices.

Virtual eSitter

Remotely monitor patient rooms with intelligent video that can detect patients at risk of falling or developing pressure injures.

  • Fall awareness
  • Increased nurse efficiency
  • Individual room or unit monitoring
  • Remote accessibility
  • Ability to activate nurse call for a specific room
  • Real-time activity dashboard

Virtual Family Visits

Allow family members to visit with their loved ones, even if they are in isolation or unable to physically be at the facility. Family members receive a secure invite and can visit virtually their loved one from any device that can run a current web browser

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