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Turn The Lights On

SI Black Diamond and Slate screen technologies are best-in-class for watching your projector with the lights on.

Kill The Glare

SI projection screens eliminate annoying glare in any environment, 100%.

In addition to being distracting, glare can also cause eye strain and fatigue, as your eyes work harder to focus on the image through the bright spot or reflection. This can be especially problematic for people who spend long periods of time looking at projector screens, such as students in a classroom or employees in a conference room.

Outdoor Enjoyment

Enjoy outdoor movie screenings using SI large screens, making it easier to see the movie from a distance. This allows for more people to enjoy the movie, and it can make the experience more immersive.

Turn The Lights On

Never fall asleep.
SI Black Diamond, Slate, and FlexGlass
technology work with full lighting,
keeping your audience focused and on-point.

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