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Whether you need an intercom system, Central Vacuum or an advanced communication system for your home or business, we have your needs covered.

Not only do we sell high-quality intercom products from the likes of AIPhone™, Linear™, Audio Tech™, Nutone™, Intrasonic™, AudioShare™, and Viking™, but we also sell communication and music distribution systems also from Linear™.



A sophisticated, yet simple way to connect a variety of mixed-use buildings, the IXG Series is a complete network-based communication solution with unlimited possibilities for any multi-tenant security application.

All powered by a single, full-featured system property owners can rely on, and can rely on for years to come. In many cases, owners have unique buildings with mixed-use environments and want a streamlined, sophisticated way to provide an all-encompassing security solution throughout their entire complex.

Intercom & Music Distribution Systems


Intrasonic Technology

Build the foundation for smarter homes

Intrasonic Technology is committed to providing reliable products at competitive prices with superior service to our customers.

Intrasonic Technology, headquartered in Dallas, TX, manufactures full-featured, easy-to-use music distribution and intercom systems that offer great value for the price. Our diverse line of products includes Music Distribution and Intercom Systems, Video Door Intercom Systems, Built-In Central Vacuum Systems, and a wide variety of ceiling, in-wall, or mini-cube audio speakers, and associated accessories.

Retro for Replacing Old Intercom Systems

Upgrading old intercom systems will improve functionality as the upgraded systems come with advanced features and functionalities that are not available in older systems. For instance, modern intercom systems can integrate with other communication systems such as mobile devices, making communication more convenient and efficient.

New intercom systems have more advanced security features that can help improve the security of a building or facility. For instance, some modern intercom systems can be integrated with access control systems, making it easier to manage who enters a building or specific areas of a building.

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